Free Golf Tips - Playing From a Poor Lie

A poor lie is one of the things you will run into no matter what golf course or country club you are playing. There will be times when you end up landing in areas where the grass is sparse or patches with weeds or worse. This is just an inevitable part of the game.

I would like to share with you some free golf tips for playing from a poor lie.
Dealing with a Muddy Lie - Finding you ball in a muddy spot can be troubling, but it doesn't have to be. In reality recovering from a lie like this isn't that difficult.

When this shot is played properly, your biggest issue will be whether you can avoid getting mud on yourself. When the ball is sitting up in the mud, just address and play it the same way you would a fairway bunker shot. Play the ball back in your stance about an inch and stand a bit taller than usual. Take and easy balanced swing and pick the ball off the lie. Try not to take a divot with this shot.
If you have a somewhat plugged lie in the mud, then you are probably entitled to relief. If you are playing in a competition, check with one of your competitors or a rules official.

If no relief is available, you want to play this shot similar to the way you would play a plugged lie in the sand. The only change would be is to use your pitching wedge or a short iron. Don't use a sand wedge in this situation.

Playing out of a Divot - Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a good drive only to find it in a divot. You want to use an iron with this shot and make a couple of minor adjustments to your normal setup.
Play the ball back in your stance just an inch or so. Make sure the clubface is square or just slightly closed.

With the ball sitting just a bit lower than normal, you will need to adjust slightly. Take a slow backswing and set yourself at the top of your backswing. Do your best to avoid rushing the downswing. You want to contact the ball first; a balanced forward swing with limited lower body movement will help here. There is a good chance the ball will fly lower than usual and then roll after landing, so be sure to consider this when you select your club.

Ball Sitting in a Fluffy Lie - Playing a shot that is sitting up on top of deep grass has the potential for trouble. One thing you must be careful not to move the ball during your review and preparation for the shot.

There is the possibility of making limited or no contact with the ball. You have to make sure that you actually strike the ball solid. With this type of lie you want to take your practice swings away from you ball, but in similar grass. This will give you a feel for how far you may need to choke down on the club.

Shorten your backswing a bit and limit your lower body movement. Take a shallower downswing than normal, "sweeping" the ball off the grass rather than hitting down. Swing easy and focus more on making clean contact with the ball rather than trying to get maximum distance from the shot.

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