Tennis Tips - Win Half the Battle Before You Play

The most powerful tennis tips if you are going to play a match are on how to control your mental state. Most people said that tennis is a mind game and that is really the truth. In tennis, most of the time you are alone and nobody will be there to help you if you are depressed in the middle of the game. So your own mind will either break or make you. So what important is to create a strong mentality to withstand anything that comes.

So here are some tennis tips to build an iron wall in your mind:

• It is just a ball that bounces

This is the simplest yet powerful tip among all tennis tips. Whenever you are down, depressed, angry, or anything, just remember what you need to see is the ball. As long you can see the ball and predict the direction after it bounces, you are most likely able to return it.

• To get a point you are not necessary to hit a winner shot

This is one of the tennis tips that in conjunction with the tip above. There are 2 ways to get a point in tennis. Either the opponent cannot return your ball, which mean you hit a great shot, or your opponent make a mistake. So this is very good news! As long you can return the ball more than your opponent, you are bound to win. That is all you need to remember whenever you are in a state of confusion.

• Keep your focus

The moment you lost focus of the ball, you just lost a point. Usually it is unlikely you lose focus in a rally. The opponent will usually take advantage of this when he or she is serving. Be careful if your opponent is starting to change the pace, such as delaying the serve. It just means that your opponent want to disturb your rhythm, this is the crucial moment where you should not take your eyes off. Of course you can do the same thing to your opponent if the favor is against you.

• Play with game plans

Nothing is worst than playing without strategies unless you are not playing to win. If you really respect your opponent then you really should play to win. Note that you need more than 1 strategy, because you never know when that strategy will fail. So to avoid shock and other unnecessary emotion, you need to prepare some strategies in advance. It does not need to be complicated, simple strategies will do. For example, go for volley after you serve.

• Have fun and enjoy your game

No matter what happen, playing tennis is about having fun. Out of all tennis tips, this might be the most powerful tips. The only moment where you can unleash all your abilities is when you have fun doing something. So have fun!

So these are some tennis tips to help you to control your mental state. There are a lot of things that can happen in a match which can affect you in one way or another. By simply remembering these tips, you can attain victory in most of your match.

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