Playing Golf From Your Subconscious

You may have heard about the power of your subconscious mind. Fear, for example, is a working of your subconscious. It alerts you to the need for self-preservation, stimulating the fight or flight response. Your subconscious is also highly effective when it comes to giving your body cues regarding feelings of thirst or hunger. When you're thirsty, you reach for water. When you're hungry, you raid the ref. it's all instinctive and we respond to it from that level as well.

While logical thinking involves a step-by-step analysis of a certain situation, working from the subconscious is an intuitive operation. Our propensity to ask for reasons for everything more often than not leads us to limit the use of our subconscious, and sorely deprive ourselves of the benefits that could be derived from doing so.

Hypnosis is a way of tapping into the power of your subconscious mind and it is used extensively in sports. And it has been found to be beneficial in golf as well. In case you're thinking of subjecting yourself to a pendulum in your shrink's office, hypnosis where golf is concerned is far simpler. It's something you can do yourself before, during and after a golf game.

Golf hypnosis is merely suggesting to your body how you want your game to be played out. It leaves constant analyzing and scrutiny out of the picture the moment you swing your club. As any golfer knows, constantly replaying why they made a mistake about a certain shot and keeping a checklist in their heads regarding how to correct the mistake more often than not leads a golfer to committing even more errors in the course of the game.

When a golfer focuses on a single thought, that is, to make the perfect shot, he lets go of all inhibitions and allows his subconscious to control his stance, his movements and his swing. Essentially, he lets his subconscious make his shot for him.

So the next time you feel tempted to castigate yourself for making a poor shot and letting your error run repeatedly through your head, stop. Picture yourself making a great swing, take a deep breath and let your subconscious make it happen.

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